Management team of Greener - European Reasearch Program


The Project Coordinator (PC) will be responsible for the administrative, financial and organizational management of the project as a whole and will be the point of contact with the European Commission. In GREENER, the coordination is assigned to University of Burgos, represented by the project coordinator, Dr. Rocio Barros. Dr Barros holds knowledge and expertise in the area of EU funding and project management both at national and international level, and relevant expertise in the field of technologies and research in different application fields.

The Scientific & Technical (S&T) Manager will be responsible for ensuring a successful demonstration and validation of the different bioremediation technologies applied in water and soil systems. Specifically, the S&T Committee (S&TC), composed by Dr. Rocio Barros from UBU, Dr. Eduard Borras from LEITAT and Dr. Mirella di Lorenzo from BATH, will have significant role and will be responsible for the coordination of the technical aspects of the project and the proper identification of all interfaces. At management level, the main role of the S&TC will be to identify effective technical risk management in close collaboration with the Project Coordinator and with the Innovation and Dissemination Committee (I&DC), chaired by AXIA, along with the participation of the consortium. The S&T Committee will organize technical meetings every 3 months through a virtual platform with the cooperation of the work-package leaders.

The Dissemination Manager (DM) Dr. Ioanna Deligkiozi (AXIA) will chair the Innovation & Dissemination Committee (I&DC) which will be participated by the Innovation Manager (IM) represented by Mr. Camilo Borgogno (SIE). DM and IM will act as major orchestrators of the internal processes of project management will have three main roles and will work together where necessary: A) The DM, as communication and dissemination leader, will contribute developing and managing the dissemination strategy, monitoring the results and establishing contacts with other relevant project. Moreover, the DM manager will be in charge for the organisation of workshops, conferences, training sessions and other events relevant to project promotion. B) As responsible of exploitation strategy (WP8 leader), the IM will manage the promotion of the solutions developed during the project. C) In charge for Knowledge management and Intellectual Property Rights, the IM will be available for discussions regarding IPR with the partners at any time during the project.