Consortium activities & partners | Greener European research program

GREENER is a multidisciplinary research innovation project involving 20 entities from 9 European countries and China (four Chinese International Partners from three different regions). In GREENER partners from different locations are implementing different research and innovation activities. The multidisciplinary GREENER team combines all relevant skills and organisations needed to address the challenge of demonstrating new biotechnologies for environmental remediation. GREENER will enable knowledge transfer through the engagement of key actors, from academia and technology institutes (14 RTDs) to industry participants (4 SMEs and 2 large enterprise).

Integrated technologies for bioremediation will be tested in relevant environments at pilot scale for their final validation. ACC, and TAUW (EU), and SDAS and QUST (International Partners from China) will offer their demonstration sites to test the final up-scaled or deployed bioremediation prototypes. Demonstration sites will operate with flexibility as per the contaminant and the technologies developed. A decision-making tool will be deployed, taking into consideration the GREENER outcomes, as well as potential stakeholder inputs, with the aim to support the selection of the most feasible and appropriate bioremediation technology (based on the polluted system, contaminant type, concentration, location, etc).