ICCRAM-UBU presented their work during a training workshop at FreeTime Urbano

UBU-ICCRAM organised a training workshop, on the occasion of theInternational day of Women and Girls in Science at FreeTime Urbano on February2020. Due to the early age of the participants, UBU-ICCRAM applied the experimentalpart of the workshop as a game, while the theoretical part was omitted. Experimentsincluded i. a “Volcano eruption” where sodium bicarbonate and vinegar erupt dueto an acidic-basal reaction. ii. “potatoes battery”, where the electricalcurrent is produced through the chemical reaction that takes place between theanode (negative electrode, zinc) and the cathode (positive electrode, copper)of the potatoes and iii. “Slime game”, where white glue containing a polymercalled PVA (Polyvinyl Acetate) and ionized borax in water where mixed allowing thecross-linking of the different PVA molecules, leading to the formation of a “slime”.