Training activities to young students at the Colegio Círculo organized by ICCRAM-UBU

ICCRAM -UBU organized trainingsessions at the Colegio Círculo, during February 2020, with the participation of9 years-old children. The activities were focusing to promote the teachingsrelated to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, and draw theyoungsters attention. The students had the opportunity to learn more about thefollowing expeiments:

-   Volcano:Sodium bicarbonate and vinegar erupt due to an acidic-basal reaction. Theacetic acid, which is a weak acid, reacts and neutralizes the sodiumbicarbonate (basal). The expelled carbon dioxide is a gas and is responsible ofthe sparkling during the “eruption”.

-    Potato: Thepart of Chemistry that studies transformations from chemical energy intoelectrical energy, and vice versa, is called “Electrochemistry”. This isexactly what occurs in this experiment. The electrical current produced out ofthe “potatoes battery” comes out of a chemical reaction that takes placebetween the anode (negative electrode, zinc) and the cathode (positiveelectrode, copper).

-   Slime: Whiteglue contains a polymer called PVA (Polyvinyl Acetate). Borax in water isionized allowing the cross-linking of the different PVA molecules.