Bioremediation Projects Cluster Workshop follow-up

The BioremediationProjects Cluster Workshop, marked its triumphant debut on 28 June 2023, coinciding with the BioRemid2023 Conference as a satellite event. This collaborative effort engaged the participation of seven ongoing and recently completed EU-funded projects, collectively pooling their expertise in bioremediation. The primary objective was to facilitate the exchange of insights and experiences concerning innovative bioremediation methodologies for environmental revitalization across Europe, while concurrently fostering collaborative synergies for future endeavors.


Bioremediationcluster workshop at BioRemid23 follow-up

Attended by over100 participants both physically at the FHNW Campus in Muttenz, Switzerland,and virtually, the event showcased presentations from coordinators of the SYMBIOREM, MIBIREM, BIOSYSMO, Nymphe, ELECTRA, EiCLaR, and GREENER projects.

MIBIREM's scientific project Coordinator, Thomas Reichenauer of the Austrian Institute of Technology(AIT), kick-started the workshop by introducing the innovative microbiome-based bioremediation toolbox. A representative from the European Commission, Directorate General for Research and Innovation, also shared insights into bioremediation policy.

Delving into the core discourse, the workshop addressed crucial themes like potent bioremediation technologies for diverse pollutants, the imperative for continued testing and enhancement, and the incorporation of microbiomes. The blend of technical presentations highlighted the prospect of combining various bioremediation methods and the role of optimization tools such as artificial intelligence.


Open Discussions session

Following the project presentations, a dynamic roundtable discussion moderated by prof. Philippe Corvini, an expert in Environmental Biotechnology, explored pressing concerns. Among these, the necessity for a unified platform to manage bioremediation-related data emerged as a pivotal topic. A common database was deemed advantageous, however demanding additional resources for data collection, sharing, and harmonization. The conversation further touched upon the imperative of policy harmonization within the European Union (EU) for seamless cross-border initiatives. While acknowledging the complexities, participants shared a consensus on the gradual progress and the importance of mutual frameworks. The notion of an assessment initiative to evaluate the culmination of EU projects in the last decade was also proposed, serving to foster cooperation, knowledge transfer, and avoid redundancy.

Next EUBioremediation Workshop Announced

The EUBioremediation Projects Cluster Workshop concluded on a high note, announcing its next iteration as a side event of the 7th International Symposium onBiosorption and Biodegradation/Bioremediation – BioBio2024, scheduled for 16-20June 2024 in Prague.


Workshop recording is now available

The workshop's recording is accessible on YouTube, encapsulating the enriching discussions and knowledge exchange that took place during this event.


For more information, the MIBIREM project blog can be accessed: