GREENER team is attending the 8th European Bioremediation Conference! 
Our coordinator University of Burgos and LEITAT are attending the EBC-VIII at Chania, Greece, during June 12 - 17, 2022. Overall, 3 oral presentations and 2 flash presentations are going to be presented elaborating the work performed under GREENER.  The presentations are summarised below: 

- Integrated systems for effective environmental remediation.
-  Vermicompost improves the bioremediation efficiency in an ageing contaminated soil with recalcitrant hydrocarbons. 
- Antibiotics removal using electroactive anodic biofilms in a single chamber bioelectrochemical reactor 
- Bioelectrochemical remediation of heavy metals polluted groundwater from industrial areas 
- Tolerance capacity of selected macrophytes against multimetal contaminated groundwater

Visit the conference link here: