LEITAT' s progress under the GREENER project

In GREENER Project H2020 LEITAT Technological Center is responsible for the development of several #bioremediation technologies based on the use of Bioelectrochemical Systems (BES) with the aim of removing several contaminants aiming at reducing the operational costs demand respect conventional technologies.

In this regards, different BES reactors configurations are being developed for metal removal from groundwaters of metallurgical sites. Also, the removal of antibiotics from hospital wastewaters has been studied from two perspectives.

On one hand, by the oxidative removal by an electroactive biofilm in a Microbial Fuel Cell (MFC). On the other hand, by using constructed wetlands as the base treatment technology in which two different types of MFC are integrated.

Besides, an electroactive microbial consortium for hydrocarbons removal from groundwater has been enriched from a petrochemical industrial site and its hydrocarbons removal capacity is being assessed in an MFC.

Moreover, a process for the abiotic removal of lindane by electroreduction in Microbial Electrolysis Cells (MEC), supported by a bioanode, is being tested for the treatment of leachates from an industrial landfill.

Finally, Leitat is actively participating in the determination of ecotoxicity of the water effluents after treatment using the different BES technologies.